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Blog about Spiritual Philosphoies of various Ancient Hindu Scriptures and philosophies of various Yugpurushas, Sadgurus and Saints. Aim of the Author is trying to search the various Scriptures and spread the light on the real ancient Spritual knowledge alongwith Ultra Science information with various Sadhanas and Yogas also with the searching of Various Ancient Temples, Ashrams, Sampradayas & Akharas etc.

Laxmi Trust, Jagadhri

Yesterday, I got very happy when one of my students and followers from Cyprus made a Telephonic Conversation with me about the Hindu Spiritualism. Now, I can say that it is a glorious sign of the scattered light through the blog and really it was very happiness for the author (Naval Arora) that his hardworking is going to be colourful & fruitful. I got a number of e-mails about the various kind of thirst of various friends and general masses for appreciating me due to which I am filled with joy and now trying more hardwork for the collection of data for my blog.

Yes, I want to inform and declare that I am very thankful to Sh. Suresh Kumar Arora Advocate, President of Laxmi Trust, Jagadhri who is providing me the sources for updating the knowledge and information in this blog i.e. http://hindispiritualism.blogspot.com. He is providing me every kind of help for different Visits, Scriptures, Religious Books, Meetings with various Saints, Temples, Ashrams, Akharas and also providing me financial help. Target of the President (Sh. Suresh Kumar Arora Advocate) of Laxmi Trust, Jagadhri is to gather all kind of information about Hinduism and Hindu Spiritualism at one place. Although it is a very difficult task, yet he is also working with me. I am thankful to him from the innermost urge of my heart and The Trust too. To know about the Mission and Targets of Laxmi Trust, Jagadhri please visit the web blog of Laxmi Trust, Jagadhri, http://laxmitrust.blogpot.com. Laxmi Trust, Jagadhri is also planning for launching the website and whenever this website will be launched then you all will be informed.

I think, it’s my sacred duty to publish about the great personality named Sh. Suresh Kumar Arora Advocate who is the president of Laxmi Trust, Jagadhri but due to his non-permission I am only writing about Laxmi Trust, Jagadhri. I am hereby giving the brief introduction, aims and objectives of Laxmi Trust, Jagadhri. This is not an advertisement but only my heartiest thanks to the President who is a Hindu Minded Social Person and always working with the various Societies and Sankirtan Mandals not only in Jagadhri but also at various Religious and Social places. Here it is also worth mentioning that the president of Laxmi Trust, Jagadhri is also working as Registered Trustee with the most reputed temple of Northern India i.e. Shree Laxmi Bhagwan Niwas Mandir, Mohalla Loharan, Jagadhri Distt. Yamuna Nagar (Haryana) which is run by Shree Shyam Snehi Sankirtan Mandal, Jagadhri. As He prohibited me to write about him, so the matter is all about the Trust. Here is the brief History & Introduction of Laxmi Trust.

LUXMI INFOTECH & EDUCATION POINT is a reputed unit of LUXMI COMMERCIAL COLLEGE. Luxmi Commercial College was established in 1976 with the help of a small debt from a Bank having two typing machines, one of them was of Hindi and second one of English. At the very outset the founder of Luxmi Commercial College Sh. Suresh Kumar Arora burnt the midnight oil for the upliftment of organization. He commenced it in his student life. The sweat of his brow made the miracles and he started the career counseling and Teaching of Stenography (Hindi & English) etc. He also entertained with Typing Job Work etc. He worked hard even 18 hours to 20 hours a day to achieve the targets even though after marriage. He taught thousands of students of above mentioned course. After that this organization opened a new sister concern in the name & style of Luxmi Infotech & Education Point and started spreading the light of Computer Courses and English Speaking Course in the city. Hence, this organization became the first Institute of Twin City Jagadhri-Yamuna Nagar in the teaching of English & Computer Courses in the year 2007 and also got associated with the Franchisee of ALMA Information Technology, Computer Education, Indore, work related to Ministry of HRD & Sahakarita.

From 1976 to till date, this institute has taught thousands of students of Typing, Computers, English Speaking, IELTS, and Personality Development etc. Many of them are settled in abroad, thousands are in Govt. Services and remaining are in Pvt. Services and earning their bread and butter. Approximately all the centre in Twin City Jagadhri-Yamuna Nagar are directly or indirectly associated with LUXMI INFOTECH & EDUCATION POINT and seeking time to time precious guidelines from Laxmi.

Living under the shelter of God and under the Chairmanship of Hon’ble Mehandipur Balaji this organization has become the light pillar for all students and society having the motive of spreading Education in twin-city. Their motto is to make everybody 100% professional under the precious guidelines of experts.
Keeping in view the drastic progress of students, to serve human being and to flourish The Lght of Spiritualism all over the world, On 21.04.2009 the decision was taken by the Director to form a Trust. Now this dream has come true, as, on dated 28.08.2009, LAXMI TRUST, JAGADHRI has been established under Registration No. 4164. It is a fact of Pride as this Trust is committed to construct one divine Maha-Kali Temple and so many other ventures to serve the mankind, nature, students and wild animals etc. Some of the main Aims and Objectives of this Trust in brief are as follows :

a) To affiliate with concerned organizations from central/state government.

b) To award scholarships and other incentives to deserving students.

c) To award titles and honours to eminent scholars.

d) To open and develop educational institutions from pre-primary stage to higher education including vocational and technical courses like I.T.I.

e) To provide facilities for working women by opening crèches cum nursery and other necessary schools.

f) To arrange arts and culture of all kinds and to arrange cultural programmes from time to time.

g) To construct and maintain the Buildings of various Temples accorded to Hindu Religion and Hindu God & Goddesses.

h) To organize the various programmes and making of affirmative organizations, councils & societies for upliftment of Religion and society.

i) To establish and maintain institutions for the handicapped and for adult education.

j) To establish Reading Rooms, Libraries to the members of the Trust, Students and general public.

k) To conduct charitable services for needy people.To purchase/acquire land for schools and other establishments and construct buildings thereon for the cause of trust.


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