Spiritual Philosophy from Hindu Ancient Scriptures

Blog about Spiritual Philosphoies of various Ancient Hindu Scriptures and philosophies of various Yugpurushas, Sadgurus and Saints. Aim of the Author is trying to search the various Scriptures and spread the light on the real ancient Spritual knowledge alongwith Ultra Science information with various Sadhanas and Yogas also with the searching of Various Ancient Temples, Ashrams, Sampradayas & Akharas etc.

The Glory of Hindu Nav Samvatsar

In Indian Culture, New Era is considered on Pratipada of Shukal Paksh of Chaitra Month of Moon Calendar. God finally started His Creation on this day. There is no older Era than Creation Era because there was nothing before this creation.

According to Brahma Puran, Bhagwan Shree Brahma Ji had started his Creation with the Sun Rising Time on this day, that’s why it is known as the First Day of the Creation. World Famous Physical Scientist Shree Bhaskaracharya had also given the consent to this Indian Principal in his Scripture named “Siddhant Shiromani”. He wrote, “The Creation had started in Lanka Country (00 Latitude) in Chaitra Shukal Pratipada date on Sunday at Sunrise Time.” With the help of this Time Calculation, the starting of Creation with Sat Yug and respectively Treta Yug, Dwapar Yug & Kali Yug has been calculated and 1,96,08,53,110 years has been elapsed till now. Thus, this is not only the starting of new Indian Year but also The First day of the Creation.

The complete cycle of Seasons is known as Era. In India five kinds of Eras are recognized Saawan, Saur, Chandra, Naakshatra and Baarhaspatya. From these also which is based upon the stages of Moon, that is special. The only reason of this is that according to its calculation all the seasons and festivals presents on the accurate time.

In Rig-Veda also moon is considered as the creator of Seasons. According to Rig-Veda, Shukla Pakha is settled for the Divine duties. Thus, the New Year celebration from this day is fully scientific. This day, one should pray to The Greatest Creator Shree Brahma Ji for the welfare of the family and whole of the universe for whole the year. According to the direction of Atharv-Veda, we should pray to the God on this day Who will provide you the Long life and Health. According to Atharv-Veda –

Samvatsarasya pratimaam yam tavaam Ratryupasmahe

Saa na aayushmati praja rayasposhen sansrija

On the first day of New Era, everyone should contain the new cloths, the Kesariya [Orange-like coloured] cloths’s Flag having written OM on it, should be hoisting upon the roof of the house and the leaves of Neem Tree (Nimba), black chili and Mishri (Sugar Crystal) would be eaten. This day is also known as “Arogya Pratipada.”

Some other place other stories also find. Not only this, after that several types of Eras came into the light from which Yudhishthir Era and Vikrami Era became most popular. The Greatest Hero of Indian Culture, The Emperor Vikramaditya also found the Vikrami-Samvat [Era] while hoisting the Great flag of Bharat Mata in the whole World. Thus, this is not only the religious festival but also having special historical aspect. The God had given the Great knowledge of Vedas to First Four Great Saints on this day. The Rajyabhishek Festival of God Shri Ram was also organized on this day. Also Maharishi Dayanand founded Arya Samaj for the spreading knowledge of Vedas among the people on this holy day.


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